8 03, 2019

Wanted: A good Night’s Sleep


Wanted: A Good Night’s Sleep Just about everyone has a sleepless night occasionally. Most of us make it through the day with a yawn here or there, and sleep fine the next evening. But for more than 45 million Americans, insomnia and other sleep disorders are ongoing problems, severe enough to interfere with everyday life. By far, the most common sleep problem in every age

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11 02, 2019

The Best Valentine’s Gift: Heart Health -Scripps Health


Learn 5 simple ways to take better care of your heart Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to focus on your heart — your heart health, that is. Yet sometimes it seems like research around the science of heart health is contradictory. Is dark chocolate heart-healthy or not? What about wine? What are the latest findings about meat and dairy with regard to heart health?

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7 01, 2019

The Health Benefits of Plant-based Diets – Scripps Health


The Health Benefits of Plant-based Diets - Scripps Health As plant-based diets become more popular there is growing interest in vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles. What’s the difference? Let’s start with what these vegetable-based diets have in common: All are good for your health. Studies show eating more fruits and vegetables and other plant-derived foods help lower the risk of heart disease, obesity, type 2

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6 12, 2018

Reducing Holiday Stress – Scripps Health


Tips to Cope with Difficult Relatives during the Holidays   Feeling stressed about the holidays? You’re not alone. While the holidays are a time for celebration and gatherings with family and friends, sometimes these activities can lead to not-so-festive feelings of stress and anxiety. Simply put: Many people find these annual reunions stressful, perhaps because of the potential for conflict between relatives who don’t get

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31 08, 2018

Merchant Spotlight – Beam Orthodontics


    BEAM ORTHODONTICS PUTS A FOCUS ON COMMUNITY A vision to reality, that’s Beam Orthodontics. Located in Encinitas, Dr. Jeffery Schaefer’s orthodontic practice is four months old and growing! Dr. Schaefer desired a place close to his house where he could provide personalized and quality orthodontic care. He wanted a place where his neighbors and friends could trust that their families were in expert

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18 07, 2018

Merchant Spotlight – Socal Beach Yoga


    SOCAL BEACH YOGA BRINGS A TWIST TO A LOCAL STAPLE IN ENCINITAS! Have you ever been on the water's edge and as the sun kissed your skin and salty air soothed your senses thought - what a perfect place to practice yoga!  You're not alone! A new beachside yoga option in Encinitas takes you right to the water's edge. The enormous bluffs of

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21 05, 2018

Skin Cancer and Sun Safety – Scripps Health


Leonel Sanchez Scripps Health sanchez.leonel@scrippshealth.org May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month What You Need to Know About Skin Cancer and Sun Safety San Diego is famously known for its warm, sunny weather, the kind that invites people to hit the beach as often as possible. But before leaving your house to catch some rays take a few minutes to protect yourself against the most dangerous

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11 04, 2018

Scripps Wellness Tips – 6 Ways to Keep Kids Active During Spring Break


Blog sponsored by Scripps Hospital! 6 Ways to Keep Kids Active During Spring Break Your child may want to spend spring break watching TV or playing on the computer, but smart parents know that keeping your kids active also keeps them healthy and happy. “Physical activity is good for the mind and body – and for parents’ stress levels,” says Krista Braun-Young, MD, a pediatrician

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13 03, 2018

Colonoscopy Vs. Sigmoidoscopy – Scripps Health


Leonel Sanchez Scripps Health sanchez.leonel@scrippshealth.org March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month What is the Difference Between a Colonoscopy and a Sigmoidoscopy? Choosing the colon cancer screening that’s right for you Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers diagnosed in men and women in the United States and most often occurs among people 50 and older. It is the number two cause

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8 02, 2018

Merchant Spotlight – Coast Hwy Traders


We at E101 are excited to introduce our Member Spotlights! Each week we will shine the spotlight on one of our amazing E101 merchant members. This weeks spotlight is for - Coast Hwy Traders     Coast Hwy Traders opened its doors in 1995. The concept which continues today was to bring together Vendors and Local Artisans under one roof. Creating a World Bazaar packed full of

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