THE ENCINITAS 101 MAINSTREET BOARD OF DIRECTORS guide policy, funding and plan activities for the organization.  They are voted into their positions by the Encinitas 101’s members and serve a three year term.  The Board is comprised of business owners, residents, property owners and community activists eager to make a difference in our downtown.  They set the goals which then are carried out by the staff.

The Executive Officers include a Past President, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  An additional nine members make up the full board.

John DeWald: “DEMA, a great tool to help create & maintain a vibrant downtown”

John Dewald, President

Dewald & Associates

John DeWald is principle of John DeWald and Associates along with his partner Scott Kelly.  John DeWald and Associates is an environmentally conscious development/real estate investment group behind several innovative, lifestyle communities and developments including Pacific Station, a mixed use, transit oriented project in Encinitas CA, and Serosun Farms, an agriculture preservation development in the Chicago area.

John DeWald & Associates’ goal is to create innovative communities and living that is environmentally responsible. Based in San Diego area, the firm provides investors the opportunity to participate in a variety of unique and successful real estate ventures. Known for visionary approaches, John DeWald & Associates has developed upscale, custom single-family residences, distinctive condominium properties and innovative mixed-use, lifestyle developments.

Mr. DeWald grew up in the Midwest, moved to the San Diego area in the mid 80’s and now lives in Cardiff, CA.  His educational background is diverse and includes Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering and Business.  He has worked in the environmental field managing environmental labs and engineering groups and in the information technology arena running software engineering companies and as CIO for a midsize technology company.  For the past eight years he has been involved in real estate development.

Favorite Event:  Safe Trick or Treat


Shawn Shamlou: "Our downtown is irreplaceable & incredibly unique."

Shawn Shamlou: “Our downtown is irreplaceable & incredibly unique.”

Shawn Shamlou,Vice-President


I have been a Principal at Dudek, at Third and E Streets, for the past 13 years, and have been working in the environmental planning industry for 20 years with a keen interest in environmental, coastal, and historical issues. With a Master’s degree in environmental planning and membership in the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), I understand local planning regulations and interpretation of the City’s North 101 Corridor Specific Plan.  I’ve been blessed to work closely with City planners and engineers on a variety of projects including the Pacific View School site, Scripps Encinitas Master Plan, and numerous others, and bring this working experience to the E101 Board of Directors.

Along with my wife and two kids, I’ve lived in Old Encinitas since 1995.  My wife is a speech therapist at Scripps Hospital Encinitas and Vice President of Ocean Knoll PTA, and my kids attend school within the EUSD.  We spend much of our free time together surfing at Cardiff Reef and D Street, enjoying the best restaurants in San Diego along 101, and perusing the fabulous San Diego Botanic Garden — so you could say we are a total Encinitas family.

Our historic, award-winning downtown is in a class all to itself, and I am jazzed to bring my experience and enthusiasm to the DEMA Board.  I greatly cherish the opportunity to serve the people of Encinitas on the E101 Board of Directors.

Favorite events:  Holiday Parade & Taste of MainStreet


Carolyn Cope: “I am Homey . . . Love my hometown!”

Carolyn Roy Cope, Secretary

McNeill House

One of the few locally born and raised citizens still in Encinitas, Carolyn attended all local schools graduating from San Dieguito High School in 1968. As a concerned community activist she has been a parent volunteer, Cardiff Chamber board member, volunteer of the year for DEMA twice and past president of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum. Carolyn is currently involved in the Rotary Club of Encinitas (14 years), served as the first Chairperson of the Commission for the Arts (1998-2002) and again recently was reappointed to that committee. She remains highly involved in the Sister City Program since its start in 1988, the Encinitas Historical Society, enjoys serving on the Holiday Parade Committee and is in her fifth year with the Leucadia Art Walk.

 “As a business and property owner I have seen many changes in our downtown area and feel that I can add historical perspectives and help formulate visions for the future of our lovely downtown community.”


Shoja Naimi

Shoja Naimi

Shoja Naimi, Treasurer

Roxy Restaurant

Shoja Naimi has lived in Encinitas for over 30 years.  He owns and operates the ever popular and successful Roxy Restaurant, in business also for over 30 years.  He sat on the board of DEMA as it was just forming over 25 years ago and was instrumental in organizing and producing the First Street Fair in downtown Encinitas.

Shoji believes that his long term downtown business knowledge would bring much to the current DEMA board.  If elected, he would like to contribute by working on downtown parking issues.  He has given the subject a lot of thought and has many innovative ideas that address both problems and opportunities

Favorite events:  Street Fairs & Taste of MainStreet


Dave Agyagos: “I love it. I grew up downtown.”

Dave Agyagos, Director

Moonlight Screenprinting

  My roots became firmly planted in our downtown Encinitas soil over 30 years ago.  I grew from local Middle School, High School, and College, into grocery clerk (15 years), then entrepreneur.  I am now the president of Moonlight Screenprinting Inc. a successful downtown business that I started 14 years ago.  I am the father of two beautiful girls.  I am a surfer communicating the Aloha Spirit by sharing our surf town with the community at large.  My life is devoted to showing others what a beautiful place we call “Home”.

 I have seen our downtown grow from tumble weeds into new development.  I have helped shape Encinitas by serving on many committees, which include: Streetscape, Security, Survey/Stakeholders, and the Outdoor Dining & Parking Committees.  I have served as DEMA’s President.  I also serve on the Executive Board of Directors for the Encinitas Preservation Association working to preserve the Boat Houses.

Favorite event:  Street Fairs



Amie Brown

Amie Brown, Director

In April, 2012, I accepted the position of Director of Business Strategies for Community Resource Center (CRC), and am currently working from home as an independent contractor in Business Development. I absolutely love living and working in Encinitas, set smack in between the incomparable Moonlight Beach and some of my favorite restaurants in all of San Diego!

In my past life, I worked at the Council of Community Clinics as Executive Director of the for-profit subsidiary, Council Connections, a national Group Purchasing Organization.  I am a graduate of the Clinic Leadership Institute (CLI), a project of the Blue Shield of California Foundation and UCSF’s Center for the Health Professions, and recently completed my two-year term as Co-Chair of the CLI Alumni Committee. I am a proud member of Hand to Hand, a local initiative which provides funding to organizations and programs that impact long-term positive change and self-sufficiency in the lives of women and girls in San Diego County. In 2011, I received both a Certificate in Non-Profit Management and a Certificate in Fund Raising Management (CFRM).  I have a B.A. in Women’s Studies and a B.A. in Sociology from San Diego State University.

In 2010, I purchased a home in “New” Encinitas where I enjoy time with my two daughters, ages 11 and 14.  My oldest daughter attends SDA and my youngest is looking forward to her time there, as well.  Because I live, work and play in Encinitas and I care about the community as it relates to my job and family, I am proud to serve on the Board of Encinitas 101 and as Chair of the Promotions Committee and hopefully bring value with my experience in business, marketing, sales and leadership.

Bev Goodman Bev Goodman, Director

Coast Hwy Traders

I have been an active business owner in Downtown Encinitas for the last 18 years. I opened my store ,Coast Hwy Traders in 1996 in the heart of downtown. Two years later I joined the DEMA board and I am a past president. I would like to return to the board because I am very excited about what a great town we have become. I love that we are considered the best old fashioned beach town in the USA. I want to keep it that way. I am not for chain retail stores coming into downtown. I want to keep our downtown unique and vibrant without any large developments. I believe a great downtown blends restaurants, beaches, stores and nightlife into a viable, healthy, fun place to live.




jarrod Jarrod Harms, Director

Detour Salon

I am thrilled to be a part of the downtown community of Encinitas. As a business owner on the main drag, I get to see all walks of life that make up our vibrant community. Embracing and encouraging diversity is what makes life fun.  With that in mind, my partner and I bought the iconic Detour Salon & Store in 2009. We have been fortunate to be a part of something so exciting.

I have been in the beauty business for more than 20 years as a stylist, a sales person, educator, product development, and salon owner.  My experiences on the road with major corporations were life-changing. Yet, through my travels nothing felt like home like north county. During that time I was a part of three corporate buyouts, which, one might see as a negative. However, I learned that while keeping a respect for and honoring the past is important, it is just as important to make that past an integral part of an innovative future.

Having had the opportunity to meet other like-minded community and business leaders I’m very excited to bring this awareness to our downtown, helping to contribute to a future that is relevant, exciting and authentic to the Encinitas experience.


Doug Long 2x3

Doug Long, Director

Bert’s Plumbing

I am Doug Long, I own and have operated Bert’s Plumbing, a downtown Encinitas staple, since 1974.  I   have been a long time civic volunteer, helping with projects at the San Dieguito Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, San Dieguito High School,  La Costa Canyon High School, and the Encinitas Heritage Museum, to name a few.  I have sponsored many sports teams over the past 39 years including Girls softball, Little League, and soccer.

I have served on several civic committees and boards.  I am the immediate past president of the Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association and serve on the Encinitas Preservation Association board. I also served as chairman for the Encinitas Parks & Recreation Commission.

I strongly believe in civic duty and because of that, I strongly believe in what DEMA does for our downtown.  If re-elected, I will work to make sure that DEMA continues its preservation and promotional efforts in our downtown



Dave Peck Coast Law Group

Dave Peck, Director

Coast Law Group

I love it when people ask me where I live.  Officially an Encinitas resident for over 15 years, I have been an Encinitan in spirit since my first visit to town at age 13.  It was then, during a YMCA sponsored “surfari”, that I saw firsthand what a special place this is.  Reef breaks…. boat houses…… a cool old theater….. a gold domed temple….. eclectic shops….. a real downtown with a historic highway running through it….. I knew immediately that one day I would call this town home.

Making a good thing even better, for over 7 years Encinitas has also been my place of business.  (Blessed are the days when I need not leave our city limits to work, play, shop, surf, eat or sleep.)  My partners and I have grown Coast Law Group to 20 full time employees and we cherish our location on Highway 101 – right across the street from Hansen’s.   Reflecting our firm’s commitment to our employees and our community, in 2012 Outside Magazine named CLG one of America’s Best Places to Work.  There should be no doubt that an office location in downtown Encinitas played a huge factor in achieving that honor.

Having practiced law for nearly two decades, I offer DEMA a skill set focused on both problem solving and advocacy.  This year I have been privileged to serve as lead litigator on behalf of YES! -Yoga for Encinitas Students, a non-profit association formed to protect the EUSD yoga program from an ill-advised (and much publicized) lawsuit.  In representing over 150 EUSD students and their families on a pro bono basis, we successfully defeated the lawsuit at trial and will continue our efforts during the inevitable appeal process.  In my non-lawyer life, I have been proud to serve as a coach for my 8 year old son’s Encinitas Little League team and as chief of his YMCA Adventure Guides tribe.

It is no secret that downtown Encinitas continues to face challenges.  Perhaps foremost among these is preserving the balance of vibrant dining/entertainment options while not sacrificing our unique and precious community character.  I believe DEMA can, and should, take a leadership role in addressing that challenge.  As a DEMA board member I will personally shoulder responsibility for maintaining open and clear communications within our community – my office door is open and I welcome both residents and business owners to stop by and chat.


Shelly SougiasShelly Sougias, Director

Charlie’s Foreign Car Service

I am Shelly Sougias.  I own, along with my husband Charlie, son Niko, daughter Julia, Charlie’s Foreign Car Service.  I am a San Diego native and have lived in Encinitas for 35 years as well.

Downtown Encinitas is an awesome place to work and live.  I have watched downtown Encinitas blossom in the years to a beautiful city and I would like to contribute to make our community even better.

I am very excited about our downtown future.





Lorraine Telnack Soulscape

Lorraine Telnack

Lorraine Telnack, Director


I have called Encinitas my home for the past 15 years, and Downtown Encinitas has also been where I have been lucky enough to work the entire time. I bought SoulScape 10 years ago (formally Heaven On Earth) after working there for 5 years and have never looked back. I am grateful everyday that I get to be part of an amazing downtown that is a tight knit community and reflects our small town values.

Personally, I have been actively involved in my daughter’s elementary school for the last 7 years, and through my business love to support all the schools and non profits in and around our city by donating items and gift certificates for their gift baskets, auctions and fundraisers.  I have been a long term sponsor of local events like the Full Moon Poetry Slam, hosting local authors for book signings, selling tickets for concerts and donating to various charities such as the Susan B Komen 3-day, the Community Resource Center, Planned Parenthood, Greenpeace and many more.

My husband, daughter and I love to enjoy everything our city has to offer, from playing at our local beaches and visiting the libraries, to walking each and every street fair.  I am looking forward to being more involved at DEMA, and being part of the planning of our main street’s activities.

Bobby Virk: “DEMA looks out for local merchants & provides support for downtown related issues.”

Bobby Virk, Director

Moonlight Beach 7-Eleven

As the owner of the Moonlight Beach 7-Eleven, I have become deeply involved within our downtown Encinitas Community.  My history is grounded in San Diego County, I attended UCSD as an undergraduate, followed by SDSU for the MBA curriculum.  I am in the downtown sector daily as a customer and a merchant, and I’ve been blessed to surf some of the best breaks in the world; which happen to be in our wonderful town.  I recently celebrated the 3-year anniversary of owning the 7-Eleven business, and I am also serving my 2nd year as a DEMA Board of Director.  I have a deep appreciation and interest in the preservation and growth of our unique downtown, and I have served on various committees including outdoor dining, and marketing.  Having served on the DEMA Board, I have been grateful for the wonderful relationships I have developed with fellow merchants, residents, and volunteers: many of whom I am fortunate to call friends.  I hope to continue my efforts on the DEMA Board, and be involved in the appreciation of the gem we call Encinitas.

Favorite event: Street Fairs