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Event date/time: Sunday, January 12, 2020 from 10am-2pm

Explore Downtown Encinitas on South Coast Highway 101 via bike, on foot or other means of self powered transportation, FREE of cars!

What is Cyclovia Encinitas?

It is a Spanish term that means “Cycleway”.  It is the closing of certain streets to automobiles for a temporary time, in order to allow cyclists, skaters and pedestrians access to local businesses on open streets.  It is an event that is held globally as well as locally, such as San Diego, Pacific Beach and Chula Vista.

Who is organizing Cyclovia Encinitas?

It is a partnership effort between the City of Encinitas, the Environmental Commission, the Traffic and Public Safety and the Encinitas 101.  The event is to promote mobility and the current Climate Action Plan.

Description of Event 

Enjoy local specials and activities hosted by downtown businesses along hwy 101.  Swing by multiple locations where live music and games will be!  The San Diego Bike Coalition will be holding a Bike Rodeo for the public.  They will also be providing bike racks and bike valets for people traveling by bikes downtown.




For questions or more information please contact Joy Lyndes at jlyndes@coastal-sage.com.


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