Encinitas has an enduring reputation as a community full of grateful people that make wellness, fitness and spirituality a priority. Surfing and yoga are simply embraced as a part of our lifestyle here. As a result, Downtown Encinitas has become home to a plethora of businesses that reflect this lifestyle, with yoga and Pilates studios, personal training gyms, several fitness-related retailers, numerous wellness and holistic health businesses, chiropractors, dentists and general medical and alternative health practitioners.

E101 has celebrated these unique businesses that contribute to our city’s spirit and vibe through Wellness Week, but we have come to the realization that one week is simply not enough!

Beginning this month, we will publish a wellness-oriented blog on our website, including articles from our wellness community to educate our community on the diversity of options available to choose from for optimal health. A wellness newsletter will follow with information about health options, from fitness and health classes to educational workshops at numerous wellness-based Encinitas businesses. Everything you need to meet your own personal wellness goals.

Just because we already live a healthy lifestyle, it is valuable to keep an open mind to explore and try new treatments or therapies to continually improve mind, body, and soul, whether that means:

  • a new kind of yoga

  • learning about sound therapy

  • a free acupuncture or chiropractic treatment

  • a trial Reiki session

  • a hands-on healthy cooking experience

  • free health screenings and exams.

We look forward to providing locals with information and opportunities, as well as letting the community know more about the broad range of conventional and alternative treatments and therapies available here in Encinitas.

Look for our next blog in the coming weeks!