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In 2005, Michael D’Amico and his wife Casey embarked on a year-long journey, across the globe. Taking a full year to completely emerge themselves into various cultures was a life changing experience The experience was the beginning of a passion project, which would enable those seeking an authentic, unparalleled, experience of a lifetime, to have the perfect trip. This was the beginning of Global Basecamps.

Their business is for independent travelers seeking authentic experiences with a specialized tour operator that provides unique access to destinations worldwide and unlike traditional travel providers, Global Basecamps offers an unprecedented combination of planning and service to create the perfect journey while ensuring there’s no negative impacts on your destination. Every itinerary they build is custom-made to the interests and travel style of the client, they’re not just cookie-cutter type trips where the operator is cycling people through the same itinerary group after group, it’s 100% authentic to what you want to experience.

Not only are they known for the unique product offering as well as their high level of customer service, they also believe in doing their part to support local communities. A lot of unsustainable international travel never actually benefits the people and economy of your destination, the proceeds many times leave the area immediately going to owners in other countries, never to be seen by the local community.

One example of their support of the destinations served was the 2015 clean water initiative which brought water filters to the 105 families of the Kampong Khleang village community near Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia. They also encourage travelers visiting Cambodia to set aside room in their luggage for a special delivery of a water filter, provided by Waves for Water. During their time in Siem Reap, travelers visit the Kampong Khleang village and deliver their water filter to an awaiting family. This is one of Global Basecamps’ most measurable methods of giving back to the destinations in which we travel.

These custom tours are offered year round across the globe including Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific. You can learn more about these experiences of a lifetime and request a custom quote at https://www.globalbasecamps.com/