E101  New Member – The Nada Shop

The easiest way to describe The Nada Shop is as a one-stop shop for sustainable living. They are a refillery and zero-waste shop which means they provide refills for household, body care, and beauty items. People can bring in their own containers to refill and help reduce single-use plastic. They can fill up on everything from soaps and shampoos to deodorants and laundry detergent. Refill product is sold by the weighted ounce with your container’s weight tared so that you are only paying for the actual product.
When you go to the store, your thing of soap, your thing of detergent, your thing of lotion. It always comes in plastic. So the goal with this shop is to help reduce that and give people an alternative option. And then sell a bunch of goods that help people live a more low-waste lifestyle, more plastic-free lifestyle.

The Nada Shop opened in April and was started by 25-year-old Samantha Simone. She said she envisioned the shop and knew she had to move forward with it when she grew frustrated that there was nowhere to go to get good quality, everyday products for refill.“I was really tired of single-use plastics for everyday items,” Simone said. “I wanted a place where these items could be refilled and a place that would make this type of lifestyle easier and more accessible to people.”

“Every product has a story and a lifecycle before and after it reaches the consumer’s hands, and at the shop we strive to provide that transparency to our customers,” Simone said. The shop also carries popular zero-waste items such as reusable straws and coffee mugs and not-so-commonplace zero-waste items such as reusable paper towels and face wipes. Many products are consciously sourced and procured, from small batch artisan beauty products, to organic cotton bags, to straw holders with upcycled fabric.

When possible Simone sources local, organic products that are good for people and the planet, but still work efficiently, such as Black + Berry, Raw Elements, and Simply Straws. The shop also carries popular eco-friendly brands such as Better Life, Fat & The Moon, and Biokleen. Simone said she’s always had a passion for helping people and the environment and she knew early on she wanted to start a business that channels that energy and enthusiasm.

You can check them out HERE or stop by their shop in the Lumberyard for more info.