Project Description

Beads, Crystals and More Logo

Summer of 1969 I walked out of my first bead store in Seaside Heights NJ, near the famous Boardwalk and said to myself “Wouldn’t it be nice to own a bead store, in a little beach town a few blocks from the ocean!” In those earliest days of beading we picked up shells on the beach and strung them on small colorful glass beads for friends to wear.

30 years later I walked into our local bead store to spend a DIME and buy one headpin to finish a pair of earrings for my wife’s birthday….found the store going bankrupt and bought it with our life savings!

Beads, Crystals and More is simply a dream come true.

We transact Love, Light and joy…disguised as Beads, Crystals and string! Our philosophy is to buy the MOST SPECIAL items we can find from around the world. Antique to ancient TRADE BEADS. The finest quality of GEMSTONE beads, rings and pendants.

You can find ordinary anywhere….you will find SPECIAL here!