Welcome to Encinitas, Flock Freight!  We value that you are a sustainability-focused digital freight provider that is replacing traditional shipping methods with an environmentally responsible alternative: shared truckload service.

Their mission is to reinvent North America’s $400-billion freight industry by relentlessly eliminating inefficiency and waste through shared truckload shipping.

The shared truckload mode enables shippers to move freight on their own terms and incentivizes carriers to travel efficiently. Best of all, it avoids LTL facilities altogether, delivering shipments intact and on time — while cutting freight-related carbon emissions by up to 40%. No other logistics provider guarantees shared truckload service.

Their commitment to use shipping as a force for good doesn’t stop at their shared truckload solution, though. Internally, they consider the effects of their decisions on all stakeholders and continually strive to build a better business. Fun fact – they are the only freight provider to pledge to do good with a B Corp certification!