Pink Sofa, located at 960 South Coast Highway 101, is a new women’s fashion boutique that offers a whole lot more than clothing, shoes, and accessories at a value price. Aly Ray- founder, owner, and lead stylist of Pink Sofa- explains that the name was inspired by an actual pink sofa she once owned. “On that pink sofa I experienced some hard times, some great times, some sadness, some scariness, but most importantly [by way of that sofa] I was reconnected to me- I found my value and strength to live my truth!”

She wants everyone who steps into the boutique to feel welcomed and empowered. “We all deserve a “pink sofa moment” to rediscover themselves, their values, self confidence and their purpose. Aly and her family relocated to Encinitas from Massachusetts, where she was born and raised, because the California coast has always brought her “a sense of happiness and home.

Aly is grateful she found her place in the fashion industry because, “being able to help and empower another woman to feel good about themselves is everything.” Aly ultimately chose Encinitas for her 1st store because the eclectic fashion scene is “the perfect blend of casual, dressy, boujee, and beachy.” You can count on pink sofa to offer fun fashion with and east coast edge.

Aside from fashion, she says the community members have been extremely kind, welcoming, and hospitable.

“This has been a dream come true getting to connect with people, share fashion, and set the stage, or sofa;  for people to express and empower their style,” says Aly.