• 545 2nd St #5, Encinitas, CA 92024

  • http://culturesaloneducation.com/

Culture is a unique Salon/Education Hybrid. Our Salon offers a bright and colorful atmosphere with the peace and tranquility of a Spa all in one place. Artists are experienced from haircutting to custom Color/Vivids to Extensions. All of the Artists at Culture have a Bio/Contact Information on our website Culturesaloneducation.com. There you can browse Artists, see their work and contact them directly for reservations! All products utilized here are Cruelty Free and Environmentally Responsible so you can rest assured that your hair and our Earth is taken care of!
The Education Model is something new and exciting for San Diego! Forget driving to LA for classes or the mundane Online Seminars!!! Here there will be in depth Seminars and Classes available at an affordable rate. Local/non local Educators from all different backgrounds, brands and levels of influence will be here teaching us valuable techniques not just in the realm of Hair, but Brand Building, Establishing a Solid Guest Base and speaking on their own personal growth in this industry. There’s nothing like being in the environment at Culture. Here, we can learn together, grow together and return to our communities with a new perspective!