Driftline was created by Wes Horbatuck and Greg Orfe, two local watermen who went to college together on the East Coast and both moved to San Diego with the dream of starting a company based on the California lifestyle. Wes and Greg live the startup life with Driftline sharing an apartment that is floor

to ceiling inventory and acts as both their HQ and their home.  As two active watermen, everything for them changed about two years ago during an October surf session at Beacons. The warm summer waters were fading as winter swells were filling in.It was basically that time of year where it was too cold for boardshorts, but too warm for a wetsuit. A lot of surfers know this feeling all too well. They realized that these multi-season transition periods in the water are not only problematic for surfers here in San Diego, but also for wakeboarders, paddlers, kayakers, and tons of other watersport athletes both on this coast and across the globe. They tried every solution on the market, but none of them seemed to offer what they were looking for.  It was pretty much around that time when the idea for Drifties™ was born – their patent-pending inner liner made out of neoprene (wetsuit material), connected to a stylish outer boardshort shell. They designed it specifically for watersport athletes like themselves and thought it would provide a solution for this “transitional void” in the water. It’s really evolved into something amazing too – they really offer a level of comfort, flexibility, and functionality that the community never knew they needed.