Our newest member Caravan West is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle retail store located in downtown Encinitas that is centered around sharing unique, hand-picked international treasures to those that yearn for the unique.

The Caravan founder is enchanted by sands of faraway places, a penchant for adventure, the yearn for exploration and a deep love of beautiful handmade treasures.  This passion has taken her all over the globe, engaging her spirit with beautiful people, their cultures, and landscapes that take your breath away.  The brand is about people on a journey together ~ a Caravan of sun drenched souls, barefoot gypsies, warriors who are fiercely loyal to their inner compass and tribe.  Crushing on the artistic talents of so many creative minds she has met and been enriched by along the way, the vision of Caravan West is to make accessible the goods and essence from these communities around the world to those with a similar love of life and desire for the uncommon.

Join the journey by following Caravan West on Instagram (hyperlink instagram.com/caravanwestlifestyle.com) and Facebook (hyperlink facebook.com/caravanwestlifestyle)