Shop Like A “Local” and Save All Year

New Downtown Membership Rewards Shopping at Locally Owned Businesses

Now area residents can now save money by shopping at locally-owned stores in Downtown Encinitas with a membership card that comes with new benefits and discounts!

By joining for only $25, members will be able to get discounts at dozens of downtown stores, restaurants, and other businesses for an entire year. Membership is actually free, because members are immediately able to receive more than $25 worth of items from several downtown stores, collecting the items from the individual stores.

Membership cards can be purchased online at The membership cards can be mailed to homes or they can be picked up at the E101 office located at 818 S. Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024.

SoulScape owner Lorraine Telnack said, “I am happy to give a year ‘round discount to residents that show a commitment to shopping at locally-owned stores. I’m even donating a candle for every new member. This is a great way to reward area residents for being loyal to their friends and neighbors who run businesses here.”

In addition to the candle (or “Power Bracelet”) from Soulscape, items that are collected upon membership include bottles of local spices from Savory Spice Shop, like “Swami’s Surf Fish Taco Seasoning,” an Encinitas101 Coffee mug which can then be filled with coffee at GoodOnYa. Surf wax from Concept Surf Shop, earrings or a greeting card from Queen Eileen’s and a “welcome pack” from Detour Salon that includes shampoo and conditioner “duo sampler” and a lip balm. The combined value of all items is more than $30.

Additional benefits of the membership include: receiving an Encinitas 101 Main Street Member decal, E-Newsletters and other e-mail bulletins, and invitations to E101 Events. Also get a 20% off discount on all E101 Merchandise!