24 03, 2020

Up-to-Date List of Downtown Open Restaurants & Retail Shops(3.30.20)


List of Open Restaurants and Retail Shop. ***For most up-to-date information please visit their website, Instagram or Facebook*** Restaurants: 101 Diner: Open for take-out, 7am-1pm. $6 breakfast and lunch specials, menu options link 3rd Corner Wine: Open 11am - 7pm, Wine Shop open only Carin de Ria: Open everyday 11am - 8pm for pick up and delivery Culture Brewing Co: Order Online or Curb-side order/pickup. LIVE streaming BOGA

Up-to-Date List of Downtown Open Restaurants & Retail Shops(3.30.20)2020-03-30T15:32:25-07:00
11 03, 2020

Merchant Spotlight – NIXON


E101 New Member - NIXON Nixon is a leading premium accessories brand for the youth lifestyle market. We focus on team-designed collaborations that appeal to our global community of independents, creatives, and free-thinkers. We create accessories to reflect the unbound lives we live and don’t stop until we get it right. Founded in Encinitas in 1998, Nixon began with a small line of watches exclusive

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3 03, 2020

Merchant Spotlight – Twelve Senses Retreat


E101  New Member – Twelve Senses Retreat The healthful, spiritual way of life in Encinitas—a vibrant mix of surfers, yogis, and wellness enthusiasts on the stunning Southern California coast—is fully realized at Twelve Senses Retreat. This intimate and holistic four-room/one-suite micro-hotel is a creative hub for art, wellbeing, joy, and healing. Luxury minimalism makes for warm and welcoming yet uncluttered spaces. The four guestrooms each has its own

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21 02, 2020

Merchant Spotlight – The Nada Shop


E101  New Member – The Nada Shop The easiest way to describe The Nada Shop is as a one-stop shop for sustainable living. They are a refillery and zero-waste shop which means they provide refills for household, body care, and beauty items. People can bring in their own containers to refill and help reduce single-use plastic. They can fill up on everything from soaps and shampoos to deodorants

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19 02, 2020

Merchant Spotlight – Surf’s Pup Doggie Lounge


E101  New Member – Surf's Pup Doggie Lounge Janis Sandlin, Owner and Founder of Surf’s Pup Doggie Lounge, came up with the concept of Surf’s Pup in her previous life practicing medicine as a Physician Assistant. For the last decade she practiced in several specialties including Trauma, Acute Care Surgery, and Emergency Medicine. When it came time to do something to take care of herself (like surfing!) her

Merchant Spotlight – Surf’s Pup Doggie Lounge2020-02-19T12:16:42-08:00
19 02, 2020

Merchant Spotlight – Driftline


E101  New Member - Driftline   Driftline was created by Wes Horbatuck and Greg Orfe, two local watermen who went to college together on the East Coast and both moved to San Diego with the dream of starting a company based on the California lifestyle. Wes and Greg live the startup life with Driftline sharing an apartment that is floor to ceiling inventory and acts

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13 01, 2020

Should You Exercise When Sick? – Scripps Health


Should You Exercise When Sick? When to work out and when to rest when you’re sick Ready to hit the gym but feel a cold or the sniffles coming on? Should you exercise when sick? Before you decide to skip your workout completely, you might want to think again. In some cases, light exercise, in combination with rest and good nutrition, can actually help you

Should You Exercise When Sick? – Scripps Health2020-01-13T23:33:29-08:00
7 01, 2020

Merchant Spotlight – Global Basecamps


E101  New Member - Global Basecamps   In 2005, Michael D’Amico and his wife Casey embarked on a year-long journey, across the globe. Taking a full year to completely emerge themselves into various cultures was a life changing experience The experience was the beginning of a passion project, which would enable those seeking an authentic, unparalleled, experience of a lifetime, to have the perfect trip.

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5 12, 2019

9 Weight Loss Tips for the New Year – Scripps Health


9 Weight Loss Tips for the New Year Healthy weight loss tips for long lasting health benefits Weight loss often tops the list of our New Year’s resolutions. Setting a realistic weight loss plan where you’re making healthier food choices and exercising more can help you achieve your goal. If losing weight is your resolution, set a goal, stay on track and stay motivated. The

9 Weight Loss Tips for the New Year – Scripps Health2019-12-05T12:17:37-08:00
19 11, 2019

Holiday Cheer Brings Spike in Injuries – Scripps Health


Holiday Cheer Brings Spike in Injuries   Follow safety tips to avoid trips to the ER this season While the holidays are filled with celebration and joy, they also are associated with accidents and injury resulting in unexpected visits to the local emergency department or trauma center. People are installing decorations, lighting candles, celebrating at parties and drinking more alcohol. “About 15,000 people annually suffer

Holiday Cheer Brings Spike in Injuries – Scripps Health2019-11-19T08:49:43-08:00