The Encinitas 101 MainStreet board of directors guides policy, funding, and plans activities for the organization.  They are voted into their positions by the organization’s members and serve a three year term.

Our Board is comprised of business owners, residents, property owners and community activists eager to make a difference in our downtown.  They set the goals which then are carried out by the staff.  The Executive Officers include a Past President, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  An additional nine members make up the full board.

Dave Peck | President

Coast Law Group

What do you love about downtown Encinitas?  And what improvements would you like to see in our downtown district?

Those of us who have lived here for decades miss the Encinitas of yesteryear.  We recall a less crowded, slower-paced downtown with ample parking, funky shops, familiar faces and locally owned restaurants.  But while much has changed along the 101 corridor, our historic town’s deep roots remain viable under the new stucco and concrete.

I was honored to serve on the Encinitas 101 Board of Directors from 2013-2019, including a term as Board President.  I am now throwing my proverbial hat back into the ring because I’m passionate about our beach town on the coast and, with an office window on Highway 101 (directly across from Hansen’s), I recognize the challenges our district faces.

My vision for downtown Encinitas includes, first and foremost, preservation of the elements which make our town special.  These elements include:

1)      La Paloma:  It’s no secret that our beloved downtown theatre needs some TLC. During my term as board president Encinitas 101 facilitated a comprehensive historical evaluation of the property with an eye towards achieving historic landmark status. I am committed to seeing La Paloma returned to its status as a jewel in our community.

2)      Clean & Safe Sidewalks:  Similar to most cities in Southern California, our downtown faces increasing challenges with vagrancy. While homelessness is a far larger issue than can be tackled by Encinitas 101, our organization should prioritize working with the City to ensure that our sidewalks remain clean and safe for residents and visitors alike.

3)      Retail Mix:  For good or ill, the last decade has seen many changes along the 101 corridor with property values – thus rents - skyrocketing.  One casualty of these market forces is the steady decline of our downtown retailers. While a healthy mix of businesses is a good thing, a vibrant and walkable downtown requires a thriving shopping district. The prevalence of offices, banks, insurance agencies, and law firms (yes, I’m looking in the mirror on this issue) must be kept in check. Our existing downtown retail ordinance must be strengthened to ensure the retail heart of our community remains beating in perpetuity.

David Arato | Vice President

Gelato 101

I am a proud father of 4 kids, our family lives in Encinitas for the past 7 years and loving it. All my children go to the local PEC elementary school, participate in the Encinitas surf club, Lifeguard camp, Encinitas soccer club and many more local activities. They are so lucky to grow up in such a great community in our beautiful beach town. It is a dream come true for me to share my passion with them and our city on a daily basis, with our recently opened downtown Encinitas store location called GELATO 101. I’ve created this store in the spirit of making menu items in house from scratch using organic local ingredients, and designed it’s ambiance that I felt would speak to our community. It was a very personal project, as I knew our family, friends and neighbors will be eating here on a daily basis.

I arrived to the US from Italy in 2003, after a professional cycling career. I’ve traveled the world as a pro athlete for years, have lived in and seen many beautiful places around the world. I liked the US and California most for the blend in natural beauty and quality of life, so I jumped on the opportunity when it came near me to move here. After starting my gelato and coffee business in Seattle, I expended it to San Diego in 2006. Through the years I grew my business into 5 locations, working hard but enjoying the ride. When my wife Risa and I started a family, Encinitas was where we wanted to be. I cannot imagine a better place for our family to live, and we wish to be part of this community in every way we can. It has been a long and hard pursuit to finally open one of my stores in Encinitas, and could not be happier to now have family, work and fun in the same great beach town. This is where we are raising our children, so I hope to help preserve and further improve this wonderful place we call home for generations to enjoy.

Tommy Wornham | Treasurer

C3 Bank

Growing up in Carmel Valley, I always looked forward to the times I would get to travel north up the 5 to Encinitas, which for my Elementary School brain only meant one thing, Fun! I spent my Friday afternoons at the YMCA Skatepark, the early Summer evenings at the little league fields off Saxony and would always get my new Summer swag at Hansen’s. My goal was always to make it to Encinitas, I could not be more grateful to now be working in this amazing town and to be a member of the E101 Board.

After spending the first 18 years of my life in sunny San Diego, I gave the East Coast a try for a bit. I learned a few things during my 8 years in New York, the main two being that Winter sucks and North County San Diego is the best place in the world. I became an Encinitas resident in 2015 and just recently became a member of the business community. I run the business banking unit of C3bank, a community banking institution owned by local residents. Our goal is to support our local businesses and help them grow. Additionally, we built a new flagship branch on Highway 101 that is meant for business owners and residents to use for their business needs.

This town has given a lot to me and I want to give back to the business owners, residents and visitors Encinitas sees every day.

Emily Hester, Secretary

JOJO's Creamery

I often reflect on how amazing it is that I get to live in this beautiful beach town with my husband and son. I opened JoJo's Creamery in 2017 and love being part of the downtown Encinitas business community. We employ many local high school students seeking a first job and support a lot of the local schools and community youth organizations.

I have received a lot of support from the E101 community and am passionate about helping businesses collaborate with one another. I am also committed to helping preserve the history and character of downtown Encinitas while seeking solutions to improve the walkability, lighting, and parking along the 101 corridor.

Kevin Roche l Director


As a resident for 35 years, Encinitas holds a special place in my heart. I finished college, bought my first house and raised my daughter here. I’ve seen a lot of changes over the decades, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for this community. It’s the special combination of people, beaches, and lifestyle that makes Encinitas unique and I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

I am a graduate of University of California at San Diego where I earned a BA in Visual Arts and subsequently began my career as a professional photographer. Over the years, I’ve shot for a wide variety of clients including action sports companies and lifestyle brands such as Channel Islands Surfboards, Spy Optic and Seaweed and Gravel. I’ve also shot for some of the biggest names in tech like AT&T and Qualcomm, whom I still continue to work for on a regular basis. 

During the pandemic, I pursued a lifelong interest of mine and received my real estate license. I have joined the Compass Encinitas office and am thrilled to be working here in the heart of town! I am excited about this career transition and hope to bring a fresh creative approach to the industry.

I have a daughter who currently attends SDA and in my free time I enjoy surfing the reefs and riding my vintage Honda motorcycle on the 101. I continue to be passionate about photography and enjoy portraits and capturing the California lifestyle. 

As we head into the future, I believe it’s important to maintain small town charm and character while adapting to the inevitable realities of growth and change. My hope is to see a balanced approach where we assess these needs in a responsible and forward thinking manner. I look forward to working alongside local businesses, the greater community and fellow members of the Encinitas 101 board as we move forward on our journey!

Meaghan Lawler | Director

DZN Partners

I was born and raised in New York on Long Island, and some of my fondest childhood memories are the summers I spent in Encinitas, California with my family. All of my summers growing up were spent in this beautiful town, from being a camper at the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA to being hired as a camp counselor as a young adult. I fell in love with the town of Encinitas, so I took the leap of faith to attend college cross-country, and I attended the University of San Diego, majoring in Architecture.

Upon graduating with my Architecture degree, I knew I could not leave such an extraordinary area, so I accepted a position at the Architecture Firm, DZN Partners, in downtown Encinitas. Now an employee for almost five years with an expanded role as Senior Project Manager + Designer, I have thoroughly enjoyed providing Architectural services to the Encinitas and North San Diego County Coastal area with this local firm.

My objective in joining the Encinitas 101 Main Street Board is to provide ideas that would help the community to grow and develop its character and culture, while also preserving the history of this community. As an Architectural Designer, I am passionate about making usable spaces well-designed, functional, and beautiful. My creative and leadership experiences would help to improve this city in making sure it is a place that visitors come back to and where locals feel at home.

I would bring a unique perspective to the board through my knowledge of architecture and design, in enhancing, preserving and promoting the charm of downtown Encinitas. As someone who works in the heart of this town, I have a genuine love and interest in this community, and I would love to be a part of a group that seeks solutions for ways to maintain and improve a vibrant downtown. I would be very excited to bring my experience, passion, and creativity to enrich the spaces and community of Encinitas.

Robin Canedy | Director

Electra Bicycle Company

I have the absolute pleasure of both living and working in the heart of Encinitas. To say that I love it would be an understatement.

Leading the global marketing charge at Electra Bicycle Company since 2014 has allowed me to expose customers around the world to the Encinitas lifestyle and our laid back, California vibe. Electra consumers connect with our vibrant, artistic, authentic, beach-inspired brand. This has led our business to year-over-year global growth, and we can proudly say we’ve made the best-selling bike in America since 2014 – the Electra Townie 7D. Most importantly, we’ve partnered with numerous local businesses and organizations, including E101, and are proud to be a part of the Encinitas community.

As a member of the E101 Board of Directors, I hope to continue the good work of preserving, enhancing and promoting our downtown stretch of the 101. This includes ongoing events like the street fair and Taste of Encinitas, finding solutions for neighborhood challenges, and uncovering new opportunities to highlight the beauty of our main street and surrounding areas. I’ve always been one who thinks globally and acts locally, looking at the big picture and figuring out how to execute at the local level. Working with the E101 team will allow me to find new ways to make a difference in the community I love.

Vanessa Scheidel  l Director


I was born and raised in San Diego (Rancho Peñasquitos) and have lived up and down the coast in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar over the last 10 years. My family, friends, work, and hobbies all reside in North County San Diego, and I have no plans of ever leaving!

I have been working as an Environmental Planner at Dudek on Third Street in downtown Encinitas since 2014, preparing environmental documentation for land use planning and infrastructure projects that are subject to compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act. As an Environmental Planner, I am passionate about development projects that create a sense of community, promote sustainability, and aesthetically fit the character of the surrounding area. My husband also works for Dudek as a civil engineer, and we feel so thankful every day for our quick commute up the 101, and to work for such a great company located close to the beach and right in the heart of Encinitas. 

The majority of my time in and out of work is spent around the 101, grabbing a quick lunch in between meetings, dining with co-workers and friends, shopping, walking my dog, biking, working out, and attending local events like the Encinitas Classic Car Nights. My father was a small business owner, so I love supporting small businesses and I appreciate that Encinitas is home to so many. Some of my favorite places that I frequent include The Roxy, Darshan Bakery & Café, Java Hut, Trattoria I Trulli, Honey’s, Beachside, Piña, GOODONYA, JOJO’s Creamery, Hansen’s, The Nada Shop, Vuori, and Yoga Tropics. Outside of working at Dudek, I taught yoga sculpt classes at Evolve Yoga (previously located in Encinitas’ Pacific Station) from 2016 to 2020, and currently teach sculpt yoga at Asteya Yoga in the Encinitas Wellness Center.

I have a great interest in the current and future businesses of the 101 corridor, and my objective in joining the Encinitas 101 Main Street Board is to provide ideas from a planning perspective that would accommodate the growing tourism, while preserving the small beach town feel and long-standing businesses and landmarks. I love this community I consider home and would be delighted to have the opportunity to help in supporting our local businesses, enhance local event experiences, retain historic culture, and assist with the continued improvements and attractiveness of our 101 corridor.

Zach J. Smith | Director

Second Place Co

I was sitting on my couch in Columbus, Ohio watching snow pour in through the little crack under my window when I decided it was time to make a change.  After a brief visit to California the year before, I had fallen in love with San Diego and after just a few weeks of planning, I packed my bags and headed west.  Encinitas is exactly the kind of little beach town a kid from Ohio dreams of living in one day. The beautiful views, friendly people, and tight knit community was exactly what I was looking for.  I’ve now been here more than four years and am still struck by what a beautiful place we all get to live in!

My work with Culture Brewing has given me many unique opportunities to work with the community, such as fundraising for local non-profits, monthly art shows, small businesses pop-ups, partnering with local food trucks and surrounding restaurants, and supporting local events. I look forward to contributing in preserving and promoting the town I fell in love with.

Evan Larkin | Director

LexVid Services

I have lived here in Encinitas (on 3rd street) for the past 5 years, and lived less than a mile down the 101 in Cardiff for 6 years before that. My office is here on 2nd Street, and I've been active with both Cardiff and Encinitas Main Streets events in the past, having worked with the previous directors to put on marketing 101 workshops to help local businesses.

I love Encintas. I feel both lucky and proud to be able to call this unique “beach town” my home. One thing that makes encinitas special is the balance between old and new, busy and quiet, tourist destination and local haven. A bustling, vibrant downtown that attracts business and people, balanced with a mellow beach town that locals call home. Beautiful, modern new buildings like C3 Bank, balanced with the preservation of historic and cultural buildings like La Paloma, and the Boat Houses. I feel it is crucial to maintain this balance going forward, and to preserve the character of Encinitas while working to promote true local businesses, especially those in the retail and hospitality space.

I bring a unique perspective as a pro-local-business resident, with a successful track record of growing companies across multiple industries. I live, work, eat, drink, shop, and socialize here on the 101, and I am passionate about giving back to my community.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors for LexVid Services, I am a minority partner and Strategic Advisor for Farm Fresh Meals, and am the VP of Sales & Strategy for WISE Digital Partners. I have years of experience managing restaurants and retail stores, and still have strong ties to the San Diego restaurant community. (It’s a dream of mine to open a restaurant here on the 101.)

I’m excited to be more connected to my community, and learn about the unique needs and challenges of the businesses around me. While I’m sure my focucess will change and evolve as I learn more from all of you, my initial goals are as follows:

  • Create and maintain a healthy mix of local business over large national chains and companies .
  • Help local businesses thrive coming out of lockdowns. Teach them how to maximize customer growth by leveraging 101 events like Street Fairs, and Cruise Nights.
  • Activate the Pacific View Elementary space in a way that is in alignment with our Encinitas 101 goals.
  • Preserve historic buildings and landmarks like the La Paloma Theatre.

Joseph Ramaglia | Director

Broad Street Dough Co

I moved to Southern California in 2006, I immediately fell in love with the laid back culture and beautiful beaches.  I have worked in hospitality for 20 +years; my jobs have taken me all over the country finally landing in San Diego.  The moment I arrived; I knew I was where I was supposed to be.  My Fiancé is a San Diego native who grew up in north county and introduced me to Encinitas.

I made the decision to open a business in 2019 with my fiancé.  We knew without question, we wanted to join the Encinitas community.  We found a perfect location in the lumberyard and opened Broad Street Dough Co. October 2020.

Cohesive community has always been a key driver in my decision-making process pertaining where I live and work.  I admire the authenticity that Encinitas embodies.  I cherish the uniquely preserved small town vibe though I value having access to big city amenities.   I am a huge believer that you get what you give.  I look forward to contributing to the community, assisting with downtown improvements, and preserving the unique culture to keep the downtown area relevant and thriving.

Adam Robinson | Director


I’ve been a resident of Encinitas since 2002 and it is where I plan to continue growing roots. My wife and I, both have small businesses that are located in downtown Encinitas, specifically in Pacific Station. I have three wonderful kids that were all born at Scripps Encinitas. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, racing cars and staying very active. I love Encinitas and have made it a goal of mine to transform pieces of real estate into spaces that add to the already unique character of our town.  Creating spaces where locals and visitors can enjoy themselves while supporting small businesses is important to me.  That is my vision for the old Whole Foods space!

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego, where I currently sit on the Policy Advisory Board. I’m also a trustee for the San Diego Botanical Gardens.  My wife owns Gypsy Feather, a retail store that offers handmade crystal jewelry, workout clothes and other items curated from around the world.   I am the President of RPG a real estate investment firm specializing in Retail, Mixed-Use, Creative Office, Industrial, and multi-family properties.