The Encinitas 101 MainStreet board of directors guides policy, funding, and plans activities for the organization.  They are voted into their positions by the organization’s members and serve a three year term.

Our Board is comprised of business owners, residents, property owners and community activists eager to make a difference in our downtown.  They set the goals which then are carried out by the staff.  The Executive Officers include a Past President, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  An additional nine members make up the full board.

Tom Cozens | President

Sea Coast Exclusive Properties

Tom’s family has been in Encinitas since 1882. He is past president of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum, Encinitas Rotary, and the Encinitas Preservation Association which purchased the “Boat Houses” to insure they would be preserved for the enjoyment of all. Tom earned his bachelor and master’s degrees at San Diego State. He has experience in teaching, program management, contracting, and as a HUD and Home inspector.

Tom’s statement: Community service has always been a priority.  I was first exposed to it as a kid hanging out at Moonlight Beach.   I was inspired by the BBQ’s at the beach that were built by members of a local service club.  Those BBQ’s taught me that if the community needs something the most efficient way to get it done is by the effort of a dedicated group of volunteers.  I have served on several non profit boards including the EPA, SDHM, and Encinitas Rotary.  Although it will be a very tall order, I would love to be part of an effort that finally solves the downtown parking problem.  Short of that I want to help preserve the character of our community while enhancing local businesses.  To me these are not mutually exclusive goals.  In fact they are synergistic.  We are nearing the end of the construction of our new home by Cottonwood Creek Park where I walk by a quote from Annie Hammond my great grandmother who arrived in Encinitas in 1883.  I look forward to dedicating more of my time to the betterment of Olde Encinitas.

Kris Buchanan | Vice President


I am absolutely in love with this town! Growing up inland in Tierrasanta I dreamed my whole life of making it to the coast. I moved to Solana Beach in 2002, met my wife in 2009 and moved to Encinitas. I’ve owned restaurants for the past 15 years in San Diego. We opened GOODONYA® in downtown Encinitas in 2015 and have created a dream life; living, working and surfing all within 5 minutes. Our cafe is 99% organic cafe and a certified B Corp. (Benefit Corporation). That means we consider more than just profit, but the people and the planet in all of the decisions we make. From paying a living wage, to Non GMO food to plastic free to go ware, all of the decisions we make as business owners impact our town.

I also serve on the Executive Committee of Encinitas for Benefit. My goal is to help other Encinitas business become “for benefit” and help educate the public about the “for benefit” movement.

Shelly Sougias | Treasurer

Charlie’s Foreign Car

My first three-year term serving as a board member has been an amazing learning experience and so gratifying that I am running for a second term. As board treasurer, I have been able to help the talented E101 bring the quality of the bookkeeping and reporting to a new level, which has made me feel like a valuable member of the amazing E101 team. The board and staff are the most passionate and fun group of professionals imaginable. A San Diego native, I have lived an owned a business in Encinitas for 38 years. But being on the board of E101 has shown me so much more about the community that has been my home for so long. I am fascinated at how close knit the downtown community is. It is a great life to be part of a community of people that truly care about their downtown and about each other. My hope is to continue helping the staff manage the financials, to help guide the balance of the downtown retail mix, and to help guide the future of Downtown Encinitas to create a more walkable, more desirable downtown for locals and for visitors.

Lorraine Telnack, Secretary


Encinitas has been my home for the past 18 years, and I have been incredibly lucky to work in Downtown Encinitas the entire time. I bought SoulScape Gift & Bookstore 13 years ago after working there for 5 years and I am grateful everyday that I get to be part of a downtown that is a tight knit community and reflects our small town values. Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on the amazing town that I have raised my daughter in and how lucky both of us are to be here.
I have immensely enjoyed the past 3 years serving on the Board, and would love to continue to serve for another 3 years. I have been introduced to, and become friends with, a group of people who have a dedicated passion for this city and it’s future – the founders, supporters and fighters for the things that we all get to enjoy. I am currently on and love participating on the Promotions Committee, Business Development Committee, as well as the Finance Committee. You can always find me volunteering at the downtown events and Street Fairs, I love seeing our community enjoying our downtown on a beautiful day. I have learned so much from this great group of people and if re-elected, feel that I can continue to offer the unique retail insight that I have for another three years.

At SoulScape Gift & Bookstore, we love to support all the local schools and non-profits, in and around our city, by donating items and gift certificates for their gift baskets, auctions and fundraisers. I have been a long time sponsor of local events like the Full Moon Poetry Slam, as well as hosting local authors for book signings, selling tickets for concerts and donating to various charities such as the Susan B Komen 3-day, the Community Resource Center, Planned Parenthood, Greenpeace and many more. Most recently, we have been sponsors of a Downtown mural by Paint Encinitas, and “Hidden Treasures”, a StoryArts Community Project. When I am not downtown working, volunteering or enjoying the beaches, restaurants or events, I am usually at home with my family, which includes 2 dogs, a cat, a few fish, a turtle and my very busy, 15 year old daughter, a sophomore at SDA. We enjoy everything our city has to offer, from lounging at our local beaches and visiting the libraries, to walking each and every street fair.

Emily Hart | Director


My goal is to help our community grow and develop with our character, people, and local businesses in mind. I’m genuinely excited when I get to know our community members better and connecting them to what our dynamic, fun, focused E101 team can do to help businesses thrive.

Encinitas is my home, where I have fun, where I am raising my kids, and where I work as a Marketing Manager at Dudek, our largest Encinitas-headquartered business. It’s important to me to actively participate in groups that enrich our community and E101 directors and staff are some of the most creative, intelligent, and passionate Encinitas citizens around. We are deeply invested in Encinitas’ culture/character, responsible growth, and conscious economic success.

I’m proud of the events, actions, and efforts E101 brings to our main street that increase revenue and awareness about our sweet little spot on the coast. I encourage business owners and local folks to reach out to us and find out how you can be involved with and benefit from E101. I look forward to getting to know you and seeing you at our next event!

Emily Hester | Director 

JoJos Creamery

As the co-owner of JoJo’s Creamery I’ve partnered with neighboring businesses on various cross-promotions, participated in all of the local E101 events, and donated ice cream + cookies to lots of community organizations and local school fundraisers. We created JoJo’s Creamery to be a place for people to gather and enjoy a delicious scoop of ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie on beautiful Highway 101. We make our ice cream with real food, organic and local ingredients, and lots of love.

I’ve served on the E101 Promotions Committee since January 2017 and enjoy brainstorming ways to improve E101 events, in addition to promoting all that local Encinitas businesses are doing each and every day. As a fairly new business owner I have received a lot of support and advice from the E101 community and hope to help more businesses collaborate. I am also committed to helping preserve the history and character of downtown Encinitas while seeking solutions to improve the walkability, lighting, and parking along the 101 corridor to benefit business owners and residents alike.

Dave Peck | Director

Coast Law Group

I love it when people ask me where I live. Officially an Encinitas resident for over 15 years, I have been an Encinitan in spirit since my first visit to town at age 13. It was then, during a YMCA sponsored “surfari”, that I saw firsthand what a special place this is. Reef breaks…. boat houses…… a cool old theater….. a gold domed temple….. eclectic shops….. a real downtown with a historic highway running through it….. I knew immediately that one day I would call this town home.

Making a good thing even better, for over a decade Encinitas has also been my place of business. (Blessed are the days when I need not leave our city limits to work, play, shop, surf, eat or sleep.) My partners and I have grown Coast Law Group to 25 full time employees and we cherish our location on Highway 101 – right across the street from Hansen’s. Reflecting our firm’s commitment to our employees and our community, CLG has repeatedly been named among Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work in America. There’s no doubt that an office location in downtown Encinitas has played a huge factor in achieving that honor.

Having practiced law for over two decades, I provide Encinitas 101 a skill set focused on both problem solving and advocacy. This past year I was honored to serve as E 101 board president and I continue to lead our organization’s efforts to preserve and restore La Paloma Theatre. Our downtown faces many challenges and I welcome your input on how to best address the same. Please feel free to call me or stop by my office to chat.

Ken Talley | Director

CLS Insurance

Encinitas is my home and my community. It’s where I’ve lived for 30 years and where I’ve run my insurance business on D Street for nearly eight years. My clients include many local businesses, so I’m attuned to the needs of business owners. I’ve seen incredible growth within the business community. Now, I want to serve on the board to help facilitate continued business growth, without sacrificing the sense of “Mayberry by the Sea” that attracts so many people to Encinitas.

Before I started my own business, I managed a couple of restaurants in Encinitas. During that time, I conceptualized and organized several community fundraisers to help eradicate homelessness and AIDS and to support the Surfrider Foundation. I also belong to BNI’s Money in Motion chapter, where I interact with more than 20 local business owners each week. These experiences, along with the connections I’ve developed through my current business, have helped me build a strong network in Encinitas.

My wife and I love Encinitas, and we’re proud to be raising our two sons here. I am excited to help the Encinitas business community flourish while maintaining the supportive neighborhood vibe that means so much to all of us.

Bev Goodman | Director

Coast Hwy Traders

I have been an active business owner in Downtown Encinitas for the last 21 years. I opened my store ,Coast Hwy Traders in 1996 in the heart of downtown. Two years later I joined the DEMA board and I am a past president. I would like to return to the board because I am very excited about what a great town we have become.

I love that we are considered the best old fashioned beach town in the USA. I want to keep it that way. I am not for chain retail stores coming into downtown. I want to keep our downtown unique and vibrant without any large developments. I believe a great downtown blends restaurants, beaches, stores and nightlife into a viable, healthy, fun place to live.

Jeff Anshel | Director

E Street Eyes

Dr. Jeffrey Anshel is a 39-year resident of Encinitas. When relocating from his native Chicago, Dr. Anshel served as a lieutenant in the US Navy in San Diego. He served for four years as an optometrist at the Balboa Naval Hospital and Naval Training Center from 1973-1977.

Dr. Anshel relocated to Encinitas in 1977 and worked in Carlsbad and then Solana Beach, where he opened his first practice in 1984. Since then, he has maintained practices in Cardiff, Del Mar, Oceanside and, for the past 20 years in Carlsbad. In 2015 he relocated his practice, now known as E Street Eyes to the old E Street Café space in the Gowland Building on the corner of E Street and 2nd Street.

Dr. Anshel has served the Lions Club by donating his time and professional expertise to perform eye examinations to indigent farmers in Puerto Vallarta and Zhuatenajo, Mexico. He also worked with The Flying Samaritans to work at clinics in Baja, California.

During his professional career, Dr. Anshel has been a visiting professor at the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine and an assistant professor at the Southern California College of Optometry. He has been the principal of Corporate Vision Consulting where he has lectured internationally to consumers and eyecare professionals on topics of computer-vision concerns and nutrition for eye health. He has written six books on various eyecare topics. He is the founder and past president of the Ocular Nutrition Society- a non-profit organization educating eyecare professionals on how to use nutrition in the treatment of eye disorders. He is on the advisory boards and consults with many eyecare companies.

In the community, Dr. Anshel has been involved with many business networking groups, including Le Tip International (president for two years); Quid Quo Pro Networking Group (president for one year) and is currently the vice-president of the North Coast Business Group. He has also earned a commission as a Kentucky Colonel from the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Given Dr. Anshel’s varied background in business and his longevity as a resident of Encinitas, he feels that he would make an excellent board member of the Encinitas 101 Mainstreet Association. Realizing that there can be a balance between business and community, he is a good listener and an objective voice for the overall good of the community. Please feel free to stop by his office at 128 West E Street and have a chat!

Zach J. Smith | Director

Culture Brewing

I was sitting on my couch in Columbus, Ohio watching snow pour in through the little crack under my window when I decided it was time to make a change.  After a brief visit to California the year before, I had fallen in love with San Diego and after just a few weeks of planning, I packed my bags and headed west.  Encinitas is exactly the kind of little beach town a kid from Ohio dreams of living in one day. The beautiful views, friendly people, and tight knit community was exactly what I was looking for.  I’ve now been here more than four years and am still struck by what a beautiful place we all get to live in!

My work with Culture Brewing has given me many unique opportunities to work with the community, such as fundraising for local non-profits, monthly art shows, small businesses pop-ups, partnering with local food trucks and surrounding restaurants, and supporting local events. I look forward to contributing in preserving and promoting the town I fell in love with.

Bart Smith | Director

DZN Partners

Bart Smith is the Principal Architect of the Architectural Firm DZN Partners. DZN Partners has been providing Architectural services to the Encinitas and North San Diego County Coastal area from an office on Second Street in Encinitas for over 25 years. He has provided architectural services for many downtown merchants and a number of Encinitas community groups.

Bart was on the E101 Board from 1994 to 2014 and is a past president. He also continues to serve on the E101 façade grant committee and is a past chairman of the committee. Bart is the President of the Encinitas Preservation Foundation and is a Past President of the Palomar Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary Club.

An Encinitas resident, Bart is committed to Encinitas and the Downtown area in particular, and remains very active as a steward for the future while working to maintain our unique identity and character.

Paula Vrakas | Director

The Roxy Encinitas

If you would have asked my father 7 years ago, after I moved to southern California from Wisconsin, where I was going to end up he would have said, “…owning a restaurant or involving yourself in community advocacy, just like your grandfather and I both did.” Well, my dad knows me pretty well.

About 2 years ago, I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime; to become a restaurant owner in my new hometown of Encinitas. Two years later, I am privileged to know how hard work and determination can lead you to accomplishing your dreams. I still have to pinch myself!

I am absolutely in love with our vibrant community. I began the remodel of The Roxy Encinitas by diving head first into the history of Encinitas in the 1920s, and discovered some truly amazing things. Did you know that the first beach clean up involved collecting bootlegged bottles of alcohol from a shipwreck before the government arrived!

Our town inspires me with its classic natural beauty and laid back vibes every day. I would sincerely enjoy being able to share my ideas for growing this community and making it an even more beautiful place. This town is our very own slice of heaven, but even heaven has clouds. This is, of course, a metaphor for any complications the City is currently experiencing and will experience in the future. Current community issues like an increasing homeless population and the prevalence of vacant storefronts from rising rent costs provide an opportunity for our community to innovative and increase prosperity for all.

As a Leucadia resident and enthusiastic 101 restaurant owner, I believe I can bring a fresh perspective to the community and contribute to the development of new ways to overcome the variety of issues we may face.